TKT Preparation Course

Dec 22, 2020 -Jan 19, 2021 ,
2-30 Day 1399

The Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test, or TKT, is a professional credential that focuses on core teaching concepts for those who intend to embark on teaching English. This certification is popular among non-native English teachers as it equips a novice with the skills needed for success in ESL and EFL teaching. Moreover, it is offered by the prestigious University of Cambridge which enjoys international recognition. It is administered by a recognized exam board that proves language teaching abilities. The three core modules are as follows: 1) Language and background to language learning and teaching, 2) Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching, and 3) Managing the teaching and learning process.


In this course you will learn:

  • about different teaching methodologies
  • how to use teaching resources effectively
  • about the key aspects of lesson planning
  • how to use different classroom management methods for different needs


Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • use teaching resources effectively
  • understand key aspects of lesson planning
  • manage methods for different needs


Divided into three modules, this foundation level course is scheduled as follows:


Module 1: Language and background to language learning and teaching

  • Week 1: Grammar – Lexis – Phonology – Functions
  • Week 2: Reading – Writing – Listening – Speaking
  • Week 3: Motivation – Exposure and focus on Form – The role of error – Differences between L1 and L2 leaning
  • Week 4: Learner characteristics – Learner needs – Approaches to language teaching – Presentation techniques and introductory activites
  • Week 5: Practice activities and tasks for language and skills development – Assessment types and tasks


Module 2: Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching

  • Week 6: Identifying and selecting aims – Identifying the different componenets of a lesson plan – Planning an individual lesson or a sequence of lessons – Choosing assessment activities
  • Week 7: Consulting reference resources to help in lesson preparation – Selection and use of coursebook materials – Selection and use of supplementary materials and activites – Selection and use of teaching aids


Module 3: Managing the teaching and learning process

  • Week 8: Using language approporiately for a reange of classroom functions – Identifying the functions of learners’ language – Categorising learners’ mistakes
  • Week 9: Teacher roles – Grouping learners – Correcting learners – Giving feedback
  • Week 10: Exam practice

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