The Forgotten “A” in Presentation & Public Speaking

25July-4 Aug 2020 ,
04-14 Mordad 1399

Course Title: The Forgotten “A” in Presentation and Public Speaking
Duration: 12 hours (25 July-4 Aug 2020)

Overview: Irrespective of any professional capacity you might hold, you are often required to present your ideas, solutions or services to colleagues or clients. You might be delivering sales pitches, making presentations to senior managers, contributing to formal meetings, presenting your ideas to a class, or even talk publicly in a semi-formal gathering; they can all be daunting experiences even when you are confident in your material. A look at some of the successful presentations and speeches can show us how “acting” plays an important part in making those presentations effective.

The “A” in the course title stands for acting, which is further and deeper than the mere body language. This course attempts to integrate some of the acting skills needed to deliver more effective presentations and, ideally, speeches. The course is a highly practical one that will enable you to develop core presentation skills and give you the opportunity to practice these skills in a safe and friendly environment.

Language of Instruction: English (Persian can work under certain circumstances; ask the trainer during the course)

Topics covered (not necessarily in the order given):
i. Preparation your presentation
ii. Selecting and using visual aids
iii. Anxiety management
iv. Imitating
v. Dubsmashing
vi. Standupping
vii. Overstepping
viii. Creating
ix. And some more depending on the time at our disposal


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