The 39th Young Learners Teacher Training Course

May 07- July 08, 2021,
17 Ordibehesht - 17 Tir 1400

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39th Young Learners TTC

In this online Young Learners Teacher Training Course, you will learn: how to establish rapport with (Very) Young Learners how to effectively teach core competencies: listening, speaking, reading, and writing how to teach sub-skills related to grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation how to help non-readers become competent readers how to tell stories to entertain Young Learners how to use a multi-sensory approach in teaching English to (Very) Young Learners how to give feedback and correct learners’ errors how to assess Young Learners and Adolescents how to plan your lessons in both online and face-to-face sessions how to teach learners aged between 3 and 16 via online platforms using interactive and efficient methods how to make online learning an enjoyable experience for all learners with different abilities.



18th Phonics TTC

Learn the best practices in teaching initial reading and writing through Phonics Based and Whole Word Instruction to (Very) Young Learners (aged between 4 and 12).

In this course you will learn:

  • phonics terminology
  • what phonics objectives are
  • how to prepare Very Young Learners for phonics level
  • how to teach phonics
  • how to teach non-phonic words
  • how to build rapport with (Very) Young Learners
  • how to create interest among (Very) Young Learners
  • how to plan a phonics lesson
  • how to play variety of phonics games
  • how to scaffold learners to become skilled readers
  • how to assess (Very) Young Learners in phonics programs


How to Teach Series

  • How to Teach (New) Big Fun
  • How to Teach Big English (2nd Ed.)
  • How to Teach Teen2Teen
  • How to Teach Magic Phonics

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