The16th Phonics Teacher Training Course

Sep 30- Oct 21, 2020 ,
09-30 Mehr 1399

Learn the best practices in teaching initial reading and writing through Phonics Based and Whole Word Instruction to (Very) Young Learners (aged between 4 and 12).


In this course you will learn:

  • phonics terminology
  • what phonics objectives are
  • how to prepare Very Young Learners for phonics level
  • how to teach phonics
  • how to teach non-phonic words
  • how to build rapport with (Very) Young Learners
  • how to create interest among (Very) Young Learners
  • how to plan a phonics lesson
  • how to play variety of phonics games
  • how to scaffold learners to become skilled readers
  • how to assess (Very) Young Learners in phonics programs


Upon completion of the course you will be able to:

  • dispell the biggest phonics myths
  • have a better understanding of the Phonics Based Instruction
  • plan a phonics lesson creatively and effectively
  • utilize a variety of tasks, games and techniques for teaching phonics
  • make learning an enjoyable experience for the learners


Divided into eight modules, this foundation level course is scheduled as follows:

  • Week 1: ABCs of Phonics – Preparing Learners for Phonics
  • Week 2: Teaching Phonics – Going Beyond the Alphabet
  • Week 3: Playing Phonics Games – Planning a Phonics Lesson
  • Week 4: Assessing Phonics Learners – Evaluating Phonics Materials

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