Apply for a Scholarship
In line with our mission and vision of the future, every year offers a range of full scholarships for certain online courses to enable teachers, teacher trainers, practitioners, and researchers in the field of English Language Teaching to attend courses they wish.
To qualify for a scholarship, you:
  • must work in the field of English language teaching or training
  • should not have previously won any MLA24 scholarship
  • must agree to attend an interview via Skype or WhatsApp
  • must agree to submit a report detailing your learning experience upon the completion of the online course
  • To be considered for a scholarship, you must submit a Statement of Interest containing between 250 and 300 words in which you:
  • write about your interest in the course you wish to apply for
  • write how the course will help you to contribute to your prospective community of learners and coworkers